Global competition and global opportunity are facts of life. Operating in this kind of environment becomes a lot easier with the support of informed and experiences professional business advisers. We understand contemporary opportunities and vulnerabilities. We work with clients to anticipate and adapt to industry change, improve operations, sustain competitive advantages and deliver measurable results.


Managing innovation to promote business survival and success

Constant, relentless change characterises information technology and other high-tech firms. Business models and processes often struggle to keep up with this change.

Kreston can keep you ahead of the game.

We understand the dynamic nature of high-tech industries of all kinds. Our experienced professionals offer assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services geared to the needs of your specific industry sector.

Our capabilities include helping you to:

  • develop the necessary systems and controls
  • value and manage intellectual property
  • create robust and transparent management accounting and reporting systems
  • access relevant tax concessions and other incentives
  • construct compelling business plans for financiers and investors

Our international capacities support the global and essentially borderless nature of many high-tech endeavours.

Media & entertainment

Responding to the challenges of digital convergence

The media and entertainment businesses are being transformed by digital technologies.

Media platforms are converging, distinctions between content creators and content consumers are blurring while audiences are both globalising and fragmenting at the same time. Traditional media business models no longer work.

Through its long-standing relationships with digital agencies, content providers and publishers, Kreston enjoys an intimate understanding of the industry environment. Our professionals:

  • advise on operational and strategic issues
  • help develop new business models
  • protect digital assets
  • provide quality assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services
  • improve systems and controls

Kreston’s international capabilities support the increasingly global characteristics of the media and entertainment businesses.

Real estate & construction

Understanding contemporary opportunities and vulnerabilities

The property and construction industries are highly exposed to external influences. These include movements in interest rates and the availability of capital, changes to development controls and tax treatments, and fluctuations in market conditions.

Kreston member firms understand the issues.

We are immensely experienced in working with home builders, construction companies, property developers and commercial management agents. Our client offering includes:

  • providing relevant assurance, transaction and advisory services
  • designing commercial and financial structures
  • advising on tax and compliance issues


What is corporate social responsibility?

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development defines corporate social responsibility as the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce, their families and the local community and society at large.

More than goodwill, corporate community involvement or strategic corporate philanthropy, corporate social responsibility is a genuine attempt by a company to build meaningful relationships between the corporate sector and the rest of society.

Kreston Dormers prides itself on its commitment to its current community programs which include:

  • undertaking pro bono work
  • child support programs through World Vision
  • donation of equipment to local schools
  • support of local charities
  • mentoring programs

Retail, wholesale & distribution

How to sustain a competitive edge in a turbulent industry environment

Retailing and its associated wholesaling and distribution sectors has always been a fiercely competitive industry.

Today that characteristic is being intensified by changing consumer behaviours, industry consolidation, technological innovation and the development of global supply chains. Traditional roles and competitive relativities are being blurred.

Whilst these developments challenge conventional business models, they also create opportunities for consumer businesses to:

  • strengthen customer relationships
  • optimise supply chains
  • develop new products and services
  • streamline operations
  • respond more quickly and effectively to market changes

Of course, none of these things happen automatically.

Kreston understands the processes involved. Our member firms offer assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services geared to the unique needs and opportunities of the retail, wholesale and distribution sectors.

We work with clients to anticipate and adapt to industry change, improve operations, sustain competitive advantage and deliver measurable results.


Delivering on the demands of a growing economy

Government analysis identifies transport constraints as a major potential impediment to the growth of the Australian economy over coming decades.

To eliminate this bottleneck, governments are likely to impose massive changes on transport and logistics businesses of all kinds. These measures will come on top of those already being driven by existing competitive, technological and commercial considerations.

Some operators will survive the process and prosper; others will not.

If you want your transport business to be among the survivors, talk to Kreston.

  • we understand the changes transforming the transport industry
  • we offer quality assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services geared to the needs of your industry
  • we help you develop strategies for debt and asset restructuring, repositioning the business and responding effectively to transport industry over capacity, consolidation and increasing government regulation and interference

Transport has always had a significant international dimension that is becoming even more important with the growth of international trade and tourism. As one of the largest global networks of accounting professionals and business advisers, Kreston is well placed to help transport clients manage their international and cross-border business activities.


How to build a sustainable and profitable manufacturing enterprise in a global economy

For Australian manufacturers, global competition and global opportunity are facts of life.

Operating in this kind of business environment becomes a lot easier with the support and understanding of informed and experienced professional business advisers. Shrewd manufacturers are turning to Kreston for exactly this kind of support and advice.

Our member firms help manufacturing clients:

  • minimise their risks from pricing and supply fluctuations
  • optimise stock levels
  • make important investment decisions
  • undertake mergers, acquisitions or disposals (including offshore ones)
  • raise finance
  • protect cash flow from the effects of interest rate and currency fluctuations
  • handle international trade and foreign currency transactions
  • fulfill their accounting, tax and audit obligations

Increasingly, Australian manufacturers are looking to export, shift production capacity offshore and find lower-cost, more reliable sources of components and raw materials from overseas suppliers. With its extensive international capabilities and global presence, Kreston can assist local firms to undertake these initiatives successfully.


Australia’s healthcare sector is complex, dynamic and exposed to demanding expectations on the part of users, governments and the general public. It absorbs large slabs of government revenues. Sooner or later, its performance impinges on most individuals and households.

Kreston member firms work with a range of healthcare organisations and professionals in both the public and private sectors, helping them satisfy the expectations placed upon them.

Our assistance includes:

  • providing appropriate assurance, tax, transaction and business advisory services
  • introducing robust budgeting and financial control
  • responding effectively to changes in healthcare policy and government funding arrangements

When these matters are attended to properly, healthcare providers can concentrate on their primary task, which is obtaining optimum health outcomes for their patients and the community at large.

News and Updates

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