Cycle of success

The Kreston Dormers Cycle of Success identifies five key areas that all businesses and their owners pass through along the “journey” to business success. All distinct in nature and by no means independent of each other, it is important to recognise that each of the steps is an important “cog in the wheel” and all of the components that make up each step are necessary to the overall success of your business.

Purpose built after more than 28 years of business experience, the Kreston Dormers Cycle of Success is designed to assist you to be successful both in business and life. Our multi-disciplined model covers all aspects of your business and personal needs, and will help you work on these five areas by providing a planned and integrated approach to ensure all of the relevant components are managed and focused on achieving your strategic business objectives.

The key benefits of working with the Kreston Dormers Cycle of Success include:

  • having a plan to grow and protect your business and your
    wealth. Just as important you will have a team of specialists
    to drive the implementation of the plan and build accountability
    into the process
  • bringing together all the various disciplines you and your business
    need in an integrated manner, working in the same direction
    and focusing on one objective – your success
  • providing you with value, not an hourly rate charge but package
    solutions for each area so you know in advance what your
    investment will be before we start so there are no surprises
    at the end

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